Governor Dakila  Carlos E. Cua, fondly called as “Dax,” shared his personal views on happy marriage, relationship and responsible parenthood during the 7th episode of the “Usap Tayo sa Family Planning with Doc Jeepy” entitled “Kagitingan sa Family Planning sa Panahon ng Pandemya” aired on April 30, 2021.

On marriage and relationship

In his live interview via Zoom, Cua said that the key ingredients to a happy marriage are the following: first is to find a lifetime partner who will help you become a better person. Governor Cua said lifelong commitments are not just about being attracted to someone. “You should choose the person who will guide you in maintaining good and peaceful life,” he added.

He also emphasized the importance of putting God at the center of your marriage in order to maintain a harmonious relationship. “You can get through anything and everything with God in your relationship,” Gov. Cua reassured.

Lastly, he advised couples to always remember that they are a team despite the conflicts and differences in views and opinions.

In choosing a future partner, he advised his children to always look at the personality of the person over his/her wealth or status in life, intelligence, physical attributes or even fame. “I believe having a good personality and pure heart are the keys to a happy marriage,” Cua said.

On responsible parenthood

He also advised parents like him to nurture the trust with their children, and ensure constant communication between and among family members to avoid gaps in the relationship.

He also reminded adolescents to listen to their parents because, as he firmly believes, “they know what is best and right for you.”

According to him, the three non-negotiable things that they want their children to inherit are: good name (a name they can be proud of someday), education (they should be armed with the capacity to contribute to humanity) and sustainable environment (protect the earth).

On bravery amidst the pandemic

A public servant for 18 years now, Gov. Cua salutes the sacrifices of all the front liners particularly the health workers, the military and police officers and other public servants and volunteers who are manning the checkpoints together with each and every private individual who bravely serve and lend their helping hands to people in need especially these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There are heroes who are left unnoticed. These unsung heroes who silently work towards the betterment of our nation need to be recognized as well,” he added.

In his closing statements, Gov. Cua reminded everyone that there is a right time, and right place for everything – in God’s perfect time.#