We value excellence through our performance and professionalism.We will make POPCOM a world class center of excellence.
We will be pro-active and creative in programs and policy development, and in resolving issues and problems, and serve as exemplary models for the organization.

Integrity will be POPCOM’s cornerstone.

We will exercise transparency in all our dealings, and will abide by the government code of ethics and standards, treat each employee with dignity and importance, and demonstrate trust and respect for the other’s integrity.

Discipline will be the hallmark for our work ethics.

We will demonstrate self-discipline by being punctual and prompt, in attendance and work assignments by complying with office rules and regulations, especially on proper attire and office decorum, and by protecting office resources and ensuring its optimum use.
We will strive for team excellence to be propelled by our strong sense of urgency and total commitment to reach new heights and achieve breakthroughs.

We believe that an energized and empowered high performance team is pivotal to the culture of excellence.

We will be a team player by being sensitive to other person’s feeling and concerns, accepting and seeking feedback and adopting participative and consultative processes.

Together, we will continue to grow and excel, as individual and as a team.

Together, we will make a difference.



The Commission on Population (POPCOM) logo is a symbolic form of all types of people. The adjoined loops connote interrelationship or togetherness, whether in connection with a family or with individuals in a community Completing the logo is a circle enveloping the symbolic family or community, signifying that the family and the individual in the community are the main focus of all POPCOM’s efforts.