Living the past year with Covid-19 has tested each of us to our core. With so much personal and societal suffering and sacrifices, our experience with the virus has understandably eroded the hope and confidence of many, including myself.

Yet, many of us use our personal grit to do better, to become better persons. Living in this crisis opened a window of opportunity for many of us. We tried to take advantage of the time to learn new skills (like Zoom), build better habits (like maintaining discipline while working from home), and spend more time with family (and getting to value them more as we hear entire families torn apart by Covid).

In the face of widespread suffering today due to the spike in cases, finding silver linings become even more important. But no matter how hard we think or pray, finding hope is difficult in this terrible situation. Yet, we must all have hope, hope for our children, hope for the people we serve, and hope that our future will be better.

Amid these trials, we look for the strength to celebrate the central truth on which Christianity was built: that life triumphs over death. While this does not answer the many “whys” we ask in our hearts, it points us to our loving God.

On Jesus’s last night, knowing that He was surrounded by the very people who would abandon or betray Him, Jesus broke the bread, gave it to his friends, and said, “This is my body, which will be given up for you.” 

While this much generosity would be viewed as irrational in our times, by celebrating Christ’s resurrection, we are affirming that the only way out of this great crisis is through even greater love for one another. We are declaring our hope in a love so selfless that it can overcome death and give life. 

I have faith that through greater love and sacrifice from diligent public servants, such as yourselves, we can overcome this crisis and find new meaning in our lives.

Let us take care of one another and work together as one work family this second year of Covid, for each one of us is the silver lining that our countrymen are looking for.

Take care always.